waltzing_mouse's Journal

I am a writer, a chef, an author, a troublemaker, a shit-stirrer, a grudge-holder, a cigarette smoker, sober, prone to panic attacks misanthrope, with a dry and sardonic sense of humor. I like to sit and observe. I rarely speak in groups unless I have 'something' to say. Apparently my normal expression is that of "Fuck off and Die!" when I am walking around.

Oddly that doesn't seem to keep the homeless away from me.

Most entries I bring to LJ are pieces that I am working on. I do not use LJ for pity party bullshit. I will post observations, commentaries, rants, essays, pieces of fiction, thoughts or just throw ideas out and see what takes root.

If I ever use this as a pity party space somebody please slap some sense into me.